Dictionary.com & The One Roof Initiative’s New Board of Directors!

When I write an essay, article or a blog, such as this, I always have a thesaurus at my fingertips (actually, my fingertips clicking on a PC mouse). A thesaurus is important to me for I usually don’t want to repeat a word within what I write, so I look up like- meaning words. It helps to make for a better structured article.

What I also like is seeing the different words that reflect the meaning of the word I had originally chosen. These synonyms can add richness, dimension and clarity to my thoughts. This is what I experienced in writing this blog about The One Roof Initiative’s new Board of Directors.

As The One Roof moves closer to gaining our own non-profit status within the next few months, the establishment of a formal Board of Directors is not only legally mandated, but is essential to the growth and integrity of the ministry.

The One Roof has been growing. We are currently in different phases of training and equipping coaching with seven churches from around the Tampa Bay area. The small group of us that have been managing the ministry for three years have reached a critical mass point of capacity. A working, engaged Board is now necessary to see us through the next phase of growth.

I had wanted to use the word “build” or “building” in the title of this article to spin off the catchy concepts that you can use with the word “roof”. When I went to the thesaurus, these are some of the synonyms that I found…augment; amplify; enhance; strengthen.

Each of these words characterize perfectly what The One Roof Board of Directors will add to the mission and execution of our ministry. These are committed people who have been involved with disability ministries or the community or bring their own personal life experiences of having a family member impacted by special needs.

Each Director has walked alongside me with The One Roof for at least one year and a few even up to ten years when we started as a single program in a local church in 2006. They have seen God work mightily within this ministry and are dedicated to be part of His efforts to impact the spiritual, practical and emotional needs of the community we have been called to serve.

In future blogs, you will be introduced to each member and I will better update you on the exciting happenings of the ministry!

The One Roof has an expansive vision and ambitious plans, but we have a God for whom nothing is impossible! With our new Board of Directors, it’s as if the earthly cavalry (also see: brigade, battalion, troops) has arrived! Buckle up and stay tuned!!

Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”  Matthew 19:26