A “Mic Drop” Event!

Wikipedia defines a “mic drop” as:

The gesture of intentionally dropping one’s microphone at the end of a performance or speech to signal triumph. Figuratively, it is an expression of triumph for a successful event and indicates a boastful attitude toward one’s own performance.

The “Disability and Your Church” Symposium, held on Saturday, September 30th, an event jointly presented by The One Roof Initiative and Idlewild Baptist Church, was a “mic drop” event, but all glory goes to God!

The numbers speak for themselves: over 150 guests, at least 30 churches represented, 26 speakers, 10 different breakout topics and one incredible keynote speaker!

Guests traveled from Tennessee, Georgia and all over Florida to learn from experts and each other. We were encouraged by the number of pastors who attended to catch a vision for their congregations!

Emily Colson was a powerful and inspiring keynote speaker! She shared her story of being a Mom to her son, Max, who lives with autism, her faith journey in and through the world of disability, and her potent encouragement to the Church, that the body of Christ is not complete unless all are welcome. Our fantastic guest speakers filled the day facilitating breakout sessions on such topics as Communication Strategies, Behavior Support, Sensory Processing, Family Matters, Mental Health, Community Resources and more, as well as a specific track for pastors.

The feedback from our guests was enthusiastic…“I loved the choices, the networking and the Portico Chorus,” “Emily Colson is amazing!” “Great sessions,” “So much to choose from,” “Amazing conference!”

The success of this event, the expressed need of guests in attendance, and more continue to affirm the need for our churches to be aware and be equipped to confidently and properly welcome and include those impacted by disability.

The 2017 Disability and Your Church Symposium is behind us, but we, as a corporate Church, are charged to keep moving forward working to make our houses of worship inclusive of all. As evidenced by the passion and dedication of those who attended our event, the Body of Christ is stepping up to the plate, working to welcome all into a supportive community of believers. In action and word, we must share the help and Hope of Christ.

Fueled by the Holy Spirit, Disability and Your Church 2017 was a wonderful and memorable “mic drop” day.  Boom!

Be blessed,

Sally DePalma and Deana Troyer

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